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Recent Exhibitions:

Art at Longs Farm

A collaborative exhibition of:
Jenny Goater
Lynn Hutton
Kirsten Riley
Mike Webb
Jane West


Jane is a member of the ‘plantation poets’ a writing group in Norwich.   An anthology of their work was published  in 2012.

“making containing forms for an emotional life”

Jane West is a largely self-taught artist.  She has had a long career as a counsellor, which has fuelled her interest in the arts and their capacity to reach people’s inner worlds.
In 2005 she bought a small house in Norwich, which she renovated.  This provides her with quiet isolation and space within which to work.

‘Although I feel what I do is important I don’t take it too seriously.  Frequently I have no idea what I will make or how things will turn out.  There are a lot of cul-de-sacs but occasionally I discover a route that looks promising. '

Jane West

I grew up on a farm.  The activity of working the land, rearing animals
and producing food has formed the bedrock of experience and memory and is a constant source of ideas and inspiration. Working with the elements is challenging, creative and at times brutal and harsh.  

I am interested in the unexpected and the unexplained, preferring art that engages and intrigues, causing thought and question. I have a particular fascination in opposites how they interact and relate to one another.   

Happiest playing, I tend to work instinctively and follow ideas and thoughts as they present themselves. 

My interest in the unconscious informs both my career as a counsellor and artist.